White Sturgeon Caviar

Spawned, hatched and reared only in California hatcheries, the prized White Sturgeon is transferred at maturity to one of our unused steelhead ponds. This is where the pristine, high velocity, Mountain Springwater firms the sturgeon’s flesh and purges it of any off tastes. When the fish is ready, we harvest, pack and cure the caviar by hand in small batches at our sterile Red Bluff facility. We cure our caviar in a 3.5% brine solution to ensure optimal texture and taste. Everything we do is by hand and with a complete focus on the best quality. 

Once our Mountain Springwater Caviar is packed, we hold it at a consistent 29F temperature and turn each container weekly to ensure consistent curing of every orb.

When it has aged long enough and is properly cured, it’s ready for the top chefs of California. It’s almost ready!

Ask your distributor for sizes and prices. 

Sturgeon Bullets

For those chefs who want something unique and different, we bring you the California-raised White Sturgeon bullet. This succulent and firm meat is only available in spring and summer when we are harvesting these prehistoric-looking fish for caviar. Ask your distributor to supply you for a unique dish.