Head on, Gutted Whole Fish

Head on Gutted Whole Fish: For the chef who wants to see the whole animal, who wants to see what 3 years of rearing looks like and wants to butcher her own fish, we provide head on gutted whole fish.

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For those chefs who want their trout and steelhead to be pan or grill ready, we provide skin on fillets with the pin bones removed.


When our fish are about 3 years old, they’re ready. Harvest time for us is as important as any other time. You have to do it right so your animals stay relaxed, don’t get stressed, don’t get fatigued so that we can ensure their texture remains firm. We practice the stun and bleed method, where our fish are stunned and then quickly bled out. This ensures a humane treatment and for our customers, the best possible texture fish.


In order to control our product quality and maximum freshness we went ahead and built our own packing facility. This allows us to start gutting our fish and packing them in boxes within 3 or 4 hours out of water. It means that fish are packed before they go into rigor mortis, meaning nobody is handling a stiff fish and risking tearing the flesh as they gut and pack them. It ensures the belly cavity is cleaned and gutted quickly, ensuring a longer shelf life and more quality product.  And from there we get them to our customers less than 24 hours later. We think there is probably no other fish producer getting fresher fish to market than through our process.

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